★ All About My Cats ★

A small cat looks at the camera from in front of a laptop. She has mostly gray fur with a patch of white right under her chin. Notably, she only has one eye.


I adopted Lolly in 2014 kind of on a whim. I was at PetSmart on one of their adoption days, and one of the humane society volunteers was showing her off to pretty much anyone who would pay attention. Her eye was already gone back then; she'd been brought in off the street with a damaged eye. She's about ten years old now, but you'd never know it based on her looks or attitude. She's very affectionate, loves to get up in your space, and a bit of a mischief maker.

A fluffy cat laying on a couch is looking directly at the camera. She is mostly gray, with a distinctive tabby pattern on her forehead. Her paws are white.


"With a name like Schmuckers" you know she's gonna be great. I got a text from my mom one night while I was at work, way back in November 2013, saying a random cat had wandered into our garage. She had a collar, but no tag, and we weren't ever able to find her owner, so we just kind of...kept her (haha). She's a huge scaredy-cat, opting to hide behind the couch when friends come to visit. Her tail often trembles, and her default expression is a wide-eyed stare. But she's so sweet, and so soft-spoken, you can't help but love her!

A cat looks above the camera with wide eyes. She has a kind of tortoiseshell pattern fur and a very round face.


Punchy was adopted back in 2018. Yet another fateful trip to PetSmart introduced me to this loud, affectionate cat. She loves to scream; it's her primary mode of communication. Her hobbies include eating more than she should, laying on her back, and screaming at whoever will acknowledge her.