★ Exponential Entropy ★

My name is Alex! This website is a work in progress. Updates are somewhat slow for now, as I'm wading through a backlog of Tasks to Complete, but we'll get there!

To do list

  • fill out the sidebars
  • FFXIV page - my OC and their gay antics
  • ACNH page - island map, villagers, my villager, links to custom designs, etc
  • fix the scrollbar placement on /cats page
  • Make a site button???
  • add a section for fave sites to /links page - IN PROGRESS

This is not my full to-do list; I'm keeping that stashed in my daily notebook. Think of this as a shortlist. Hopefully next time you visit, things will have changed around here. Until then, take care, and thank you for visiting!

Site updates

7/14/22 - updated the media recs page!

6/24/22 - pushed a new resources page early in light of the news in the US

6/23/22 - finished Universal Media Recs, check it out!

6/21/22 - experimenting with using this cutie for site updates. If I don't stick with it, I'll use it for somethin' else.