★ Exponential Entropy ★

My name is Alex! This website is a work in progress. Updates are somewhat slow for now, as I'm wading through a backlog of Tasks to Complete, but we'll get there!

To do list

  • fill out the sidebars
  • Make a site button???
  • 404 page

This is not my full to-do list; I'm keeping that stashed in my daily notebook. Think of this as a shortlist. Hopefully next time you visit, things will have changed around here. Until then, take care, and thank you for visiting!

Site updates

5/24/24 - finally went through and got my nav bar and others to sync across all pages! (heavy sigh of relief) also updated Tamagotchi page with some of my new ones, as well as retook some old photos. check it out!

2/16/24 - new pages! really need to set up the nav bar to be consistent across all pages without having to manually edit them, but for now, deal lol

2/5/24 - minor update to Media recs; hoping to continue this project soon

2/2/23 - New page!

1/24/23 - New page!

1/13/23 - Finally reformatted the ACNH page!

11/27/22 - Added a new link to resources. Stay tuned for more Animal Crossing page updates soon!

10/22/22 - new page! still a work in progress

10/9/22 - got the ffxiv page at a stage of basic completeness. i should add a gallery or something next.

10/3/22 - new page!

7/14/22 - updated the media recs page!

6/24/22 - pushed a new resources page early in light of the news in the US

6/23/22 - finished Universal Media Recs, check it out!

6/21/22 - experimenting with using this cutie for site updates. If I don't stick with it, I'll use it for somethin' else.